No one wants to get their Christmas gift on Boxing Day. To be shut out on Christmas only to receive your gift the next day. Everybody wants to get their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning, and with a few tips, you can make sure that your holiday mail is getting to where you need it to go.

The USPS has limited capacity to ship your gifts at the last minute to get your gifts shipped on time this holiday season. Though retailers may have different dates depending on how long it takes them to get something out in the mail, the United States Postal Service does have its own guidelines and deadlines for getting your mail out for it to arrive on time for Christmas.

Monday, December is projected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. The deadline for getting First Class and Priority Mail out in time for Christmas Eve delivery is December 20, which is this Saturday. To ensure some wiggle room in the delivery time, is it recommended to get packages and letters in as early as possible.

USPS Christmas Schedule and Deadlines
USPS Christmas Schedule and Deadlines

If you find yourself cutting it close to these deadlines, you may want to try switching to FedEx or UPS for overnight delivery. They do not deliver on Christmas day, so the last day to ship would be December 23 if you used overnight shipping.

Though sending holiday mail greatly increases the volume of mail that the USPS has to deliver, there are many people that do not want to receive mail during the holidays.

For people heading out of town for the holidays or for other people who will be unable to check their mail, the USPS offers the option to have mail held while they are out of town. Requests to have mail held can be processed through the USPS Hold Mail Service site.