With so many receipt-tracking apps out there, choosing one that works best for you is important. 

Receipt tracking apps allow you to easily keep track of all your spending, get reimbursed, and send reports to your accountant. But is there an app that goes beyond the basics?

This article will break down two of the top options on the market—WellyBox vs. Shoeboxed.

What is WellyBox?

WellyBox is a cloud-based receipt and expense management software that allows you to upload, track, organize your invoices, and generate reports. You can connect it to your email account, allowing any newly received receipts to appear on the WellyBox dashboard. Or use their WhatsApp feature to take a photo and view it on your account. After your receipts are uploaded, you can set classification rules to better understand your financial status.

WellyBox’s receipt tracking dashboard
Wellybox’s receipt tracking dashboard

What is Shoeboxed?

Shoeboxed was awarded the Trusted Vendor Award and Quality Choice Award by Crozdesk. The receipt scanner app and receipt scanning service provides receipt management software that bookkeepers love and top-rated business expenses management for teams

Shoeboxed also offers multiple integrations with popular accounting softwares, easily creates reports, and can digitally upload your receipts via email or with their mobile app. With Shoeboxed, you also get an IRS-accepted digital archive so that you can always be audit-ready. 

Shoeboxed’s receipt tracking dashboard

Shoeboxed's dashboard A list of receipts with categories of Vendor, Date, Total , Category, Payment type, Date added, and Added by
Shoeboxed’s receipt tracking dashboard

WellyBox vs. Shoeboxed: An overview

Both Shoeboxed and WellyBox have similar-looking receipt tracking dashboards that are simple and intuitive. Shoeboxed supports online web usage as well as iOs and Android applications. On the other hand, WellyBox is only a web application. But you can connect your inbox to the WellyBox web app and scan your receipts with WhatsApp to bring your receipts into your WellyBox account. With Shoeboxed, you can digitally upload your receipts through their app, email, or their free envelope service.

Shoeboxed and WellyBox both provide functions that will help you go paperless and track your receipts and expenses. Both softwares use OCR to convert information from your receipts into digital data. At the same time, users can sort receipts by date, compute the total amount, and separate expenses by category. However, Shoeboxed takes it a step further by incorporating human verification to ensure there are no errors in your digital document.

One feature that is exclusive to Shoeboxed is its Magic Envelope service. With the Magic Envelope service, you get a pre-paid envelope so you can send a backlog of your receipts to Shoeboxed’s processing facilities for free. A perfect choice for independent contractors to track important documents and business owners during tax season. Your receipts are scanned into digital data and uploaded to your Shoeboxed account. 

Outsource receipt scanning with Shoeboxed's Magic Envelope service.
Outsource receipt scanning with Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope service.

Side-by-side comparison chart: Wellybox vs. Shoeboxed

Here is a side-by-side comparison to help you compare the differences between these apps.

OverviewWellybox is a receipt and expense management software for tracking your receipts and invoices. Shoeboxed creates an easy way to scan, track, and digitize your receipts. Their software system will maximize your tax deductions and help you stay audit-ready.
Platforms supportedWeb and WhatsAppiOs, Android, and Web 
Best for• Freelancers
• Small businesses
• Mid-size businesses
• Large enterprises
• Freelancers
• Small businesses
• Mid-size businesses
• Large enterprises
• Bookkeepers
• Accountants
Features• Connect with WhatsApp to easily scan your receipts into your account
• WellyBox will look through your mailbox to find new receipts and scan it into your dashboard. 
• Scan receipts with their app or send an email copy
• Outsource scanning with the Magic Envelope service
• Use optical character recognition (OCR) combined with human data verification
• Unlimited data storage with all plans
• Unlimited users allowed on each account
• Save audit-ready receipt scans for tax season
Third-party integrations• What’s App
• Quickbooks Online
• Xero
• Quickbooks
• Xero Add On
• Evernote
• Working Point
• Bench
• Get My Invoices
• Sky Clerk
• Wave Accounting
• Right Signature
• Tea Spiller
• Scan Snap
• One Price Taxes
• HP
PricingWellyBox offers three plans
• Basic plan: $9 per month
• Business plan: $49 per month
• Accountant plan: $99 per month
Shoeboxed offers a variety of affordable pricing subscriptions: 
• The Startup: $18
• The Professional: $36
• The Business: $54

Digital Only subscriptions for Shoeboxed’s mobile app:
• Digital Only Starter: $4.99
• Lite Plan: $9.99
• Pro Plan: $19.99
TrialLimited-time free trial30-day free trial for all subscriptions
WellyBox vs. Shoeboxed side-by-side comparison

Shoeboxed pros and cons


  • Outsource receipt scanning and never bother about scanning receipts again. 
  • AI data extraction paired with a human data verification team means 100% accurate expense tracking.
  • Every Shoeboxed subscription comes with unlimited file storage and unlimited sub-users. Add your bookkeeper or accountant as a sub-user to your account.
  • Bookkeepers and accountants can include multiple clients within their accounts.
  • Shoeboxed not only manages your receipts but your business cards as well. 


  • Shoeboxed does not offer budgeting features within its dashboard.
  • Does not have an in-built reimbursement system.

WellyBox pros and cons


  • A no-frills receipt management system, which makes the learning curve easy to manage.
  • Great for businesses with large amounts of invoicing or that receive a high volume of receipts to their inbox.
  • A good receipt scanner option for What’sApp users who don’t want to download a dedicated receipt scanning app.


  • Does not have a dedicated receipt scanner app; users must use Gmail, Office 365, or WhatsApp to send your receipts to WellyBox’s database. 

Frequently asked questions

Does Shoeboxed have a free plan?

Shoeboxed’s 100% free plan is called the DIY plan. With the DIY plan, users manually extract and input data into Shoeboxed’s receipt management software. (Automatic data extraction with human verification is not included in the free plan.)

Does Wellybox have a free plan?

Wellybox does not have a free plan. However, users can try out premium features by signing up for a free trial.

What’s a good Wellybox alternative for receipt and expense tracking? 

For those looking for a Wellybox alternative, Shoeboxed offers similar features to WellyBox, but also provides services that WellyBox does not, including having a mobile app, human-verified data extraction, and the Magic Envelope service for outsourcing receipt scanning.

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