You might want to sit down for this. We’re about to announce our best prize EVER.

An IPHONE is on the line today, people. Get ready. We’ve got an iPhone sitting in our office, and we’re just waiting to give it out.

So who will be the lucky winner? Well, here’s how it’s going to work.

If you can talk with 5 people and have them sign up for Receipt Mail-In (any level plan), you’ll be eligible to win!

By participating, you’ll have a great chance of winning this unbelievable piece of technology.

Shoeboxed Giving Away an iPhone

So talk to everyone you know, get your boss or your employees to sign up, give your kids Mail-In for their birthdays, heck, buy it for yourself! Anything you can do to sign people up gets you that much closer to owning the coolest phone in the world!

Once you think you’ve gotten 5 people to sign up, email us their names, and we’ll double check to make sure they’ve signed up. Once you have 5, you’re automatically entered.

I’m so excited! Somebody’s getting an IPHONE!!!