I’m some weird combination of techy geek dork, west coast cali, and playa. I might throw in a little ghetto fabulous, too.

Playa at Shoeboxed.com

What kind of person are you? Well, now the ancient question plaguing humanity is now finally answerable. Who am I? Find out with our new features… seriously.

Now when you get receipts in your account, we’ll break that receipt into the specific items you bought in that purchase. You can now organize those items instead of just the receipts. First of all, that’s just a whole other level of organization that Shoeboxed now provides.

And second of all, because you can also share those items with the Shoeboxed community of users, they’ll give you feedback about how they like what you’re buying. What kind of person would have bought the item you did? Was it a poser, a social climber, a bookworm? How about a gender bender?

Who are you?