Father’s Day is coming up on June 21—mark your calendars! For some of you, however, your fathers may not even have the time to celebrate this special day. With the current state of the economy, many men (and women) have been working extra long hours at their respective jobs in order to make ends meet and to prove their value to companies that are laying off other employees.


So what to give these kinds of Dads for Father’s Day? Give them the gift of time:


1) Regardless of whether you still live with your father, a classic gift is the Nasty Chore Coupon. Pick the chore your dad hates the most: cleaning the gutter? Power-washing the deck? Organizing the garage? Whatever it is, Dad will appreciate you offering to do it for him, saving him time and the psychological burden of a nasty chore. The plus side for you? It’s free!


2) In this day and age, it is perfectly acceptable (nay, even trendy) for men to get in touch with their nurturing feminine side. Try giving Dad a gift certificate for a massage or a pedicure (with clear nail polish!) Hard-working men deserve a little pampering and the opportunity to push the pause button on their busy lives. He may not know how much he loves a trip to the spa until he tries it.


3) And finally (enter shameless but justified plug here), giving Dad a subscription to Shoeboxed is like giving him the gift of time. Mail-in will save him hours of time trying to keep track of all his receipts and business cards, hours that he could be spending with his family. Furthermore, Shoeboxed can give him the peace of mind that all his ducks are in a row for tax season and all his networking opportunities are maximized. It’s like giving Dad a personal secretary! (And one that Mom won’t be jealous of).


Time equals money, and giving Dad some great time-saving gifts could be exactly what he needs for this Father’s Day season.