It’s surprising how many people call us and tell us that they literally have a shoebox full of receipts that they want us to scan and organize for them. For whatever reason, the shoebox has become a place to store your small but valuable items. From receipts to jewelry to your kids’ drawings, shoeboxes help you organize your stuff.

Some people take it to a whole other level, though. One of the most popular news stories of the day yesterday was about a guy who learned that an antique goblet that he had in a shoebox was worth over a million dollars.

Now that the little gold cup has left the shoebox under his bed and is heading for an auction room, John Webber rather regrets the pot-shots he took with his air gun – even though the dents did flatten out nicely with the back of a spoon. After all, it now has a £500,000 price on its head.

Gold Goblet

Shoeboxes are great ways to keep and organize your stuff. We’re just taking that concept online. Digitize your receipts and get them on Shoeboxed, then you can organize them into virtual shoeboxes on our site. We can’t guarantee, however that you will find a virtual million-dollar goblet in your online shoeboxes. Sorry.