What’s New in Your Shoeboxed Account

The Shoeboxed Development Team is constantly working on ways to make Shoeboxed a better solution for you and your business. We feel that it’s important to keep our users in the know about what we’ve been working on, so we are going to start writing about the latest and greatest user-driven improvements to your Shoeboxed account here on our blog. As always, everything we do is based on user feedback, so we would like to say thank you to all of the users out there who have taken the time to share their comments and suggestions with us. Please send your comments, feedback and ideas to us at help@team.shoeboxed.com.

Read on for more about our document sharing tool, PDF export history page and hourly digest for Shoeboxed Mobile notification emails.

The tool for sharing a receipt/bill/document saw a major overhaul last week. To share a document, open the view/edit pane for that document and click Email located at the bottom right of the window. Enter the recipient’s email address in the space provided and click Send by Email. The recipient will be able to view and export a PDF file of the document via a read-only version of the view/edit pane without accessing the rest of your account.

Share document tool

For PDF exports, there is now an Export History page from which you can access all of the PDF files you create. You can access the Export History page for your PDF files via the upper right corner of the Export page of your account. Because it can take several minutes to download large PDF files, we’ve also added a processing status indicator for in-progress PDF exports so that you can better gauge how long it will take for a file to finish downloading.

PDF report history page

For the Shoeboxed Mobile notification emails you receive from us, we’ve created an option for you to bundle all of those emails into an hourly digest. For example, if you sent 10 receipts to us via Shoeboxed Mobile during the same hour, you would only receive one notification email from us confirming that we received your submissions instead of 10 separate emails. To enable this option, visit the Account & Settings page and click on Notification Preferences.

Mobile notifcation email bundle setting

We hope these changes will make it even easier for you to manage your documents online with Shoeboxed! If you have any questions/comments/feedback about anything mentioned here, please contact us at help@team.shoeboxed.com or give us a call at 888.369.4269.

Author: Caitlin Hourigan

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