According to a study completed within the last year, purchases made by women accounted for more than eighty-five percent of all consumer expenditures. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but women shop more than men. But the real question is why? The answer may surprise you.

Research conducted by Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ confirmed that women spend more time than men shopping each month. Females who responded to the survey admitted to spending an average 100 minutes a month shopping for apparel, while males claimed they spent an average 60 minutes doing the same. Shopping psychologists have often suggested that although many men enjoy shopping, most do not want to be perceived as caring about their wardrobe—and therefore spend less time at the mall.

But this theory may not be entirely valid. Although women were proven to shop more often than men, they also shopped more times in a given month. Men were likely to shop an average 1.4 times a month and women made 2.3 trips per month. What does this mean? Both sexes spend about forty minutes per shopping trip.

Still, psychologists assert that shopping is a great “stress buster” for women. According to the survey, female respondents often get some sort of thrill or excitement from buying. More than fifty percent said they “like” or “love” shopping. Whether going to the mall with friends on the weekend or doing family shopping during the holiday season, one thing’s for sure—men may enjoy buying, but women love shopping.