I found a great article this morning about Tax Day, and I wanted to share it with you, if only because it has one of the most on-target quotes ever recorded about receipts in the mainstream media.

Anyway, Mark Sanders wrote a story in TradingMarkets.com for today to talk about the trend of procrastinators in the tax filing process.

He interviewed Jacob Martin, who spent an entire two days organizing receipts to prepare his tax filings for this year. Here is Jacob, in his own words:

I don’t like it that the government forces me to have a hobby as a receipt collector. I don’t put off organizing deliberately. I hate to get started. It steals your time to organize your receipts. Even if you have only a few receipts, that’s still a few receipts too many receipts to keep track of.

Hey Jacob, we’ll be your receipt collector! If you find this post and want to try out Receipt Mail-In for free for a few months, give us a call (888-369-4269)! There’s no reason to waste time dealing with all the clutter. There is a better way!