There was a study that came out a few days ago that we found kind of interesting. Duke researchers found that the majority of tech entrepreneurs are not the 20-something wunderkinds that seem to be the stereotype these days. We, as 20-somethings, have something to say about THAT.

Most U.S.-born technology and engineering company founders are middle-aged and well educated, and have degrees from a wide range of universities, the study found. Elite, highly ranked schools are over-represented in the ranks of these founders, and Ivy-League graduates achieve the greatest business success.

I think the young ones have still got the upper hand here. Young, and armed with laptops and angel funding, I think we can change the world, and not just create another technology company. Driven by the desire to change the archaic process of eliminating paper clutter seems like just the job for a bunch of talented young people. We’re all tech-savvy, Duke-educated, and ready, willing, and able to never sleep until you’ve got the best receipt organization experience possible.

Plus, we have a good time.

Shoeboxed Brainstorm