Oh don’t we all hate the dreaded expense report? All those business receipts burning a hole in your wallet, just waiting to be turned into your  accountant or controller so you can get reimbursed for your business expenses. The dry cleaning receipt, the dinner receipt, the office supplies receipt. All of them need to be turned in, but they’re hard to find (or they’re missing), they’re torn, or they’re faded.

We’ve all been there: having to eat an expense that you should be reimbursed for just because you didn’t turn in all your receipts. Twenty bucks here and there isn’t the end of the whole. It’s not breaking the bank necessarily, but it doesn’t have to happen. You can say goodbye to that inconvenience.

The personal budget forms, also known as expense reports, that you turn into your business can be a breeze with Shoeboxed. Instead of keeping your receipts in different places and losing them, you can stick them straight into a Receipt Mail-In envelope, mail them from anywhere for free to the Shoeboxed headquarters, and never worry about them again.

In a couple of days, your receipts will be online for you to view, organize, and print. You can create expense reports in one click, and you’ll even get the originals back under most plans.

Your business receipts: we’ve got them covered.